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Other products - DIPHONE


General Information :  

Multi System Digital Interphone
This Piece of art device has utilized the peak of the advanced digital technology, which provided it with the required simplicity and flexibility while is usage, mounting or maintenance.

The communication device runs over 2 alternative systems:

  • The external system: which utilize an external wiring system with independent ear pieces installed in each apartment.
  • The internal System: which utilize the building telephone wiring system.

General Features: 

  • Private digital communication connection for each subscriber through the installed digital keypad on the base device.
  • Full compatibility function feature with any telephone device.
  • Secret pass code system for unlocking the entrance of the building by the device keypad.
  • Audio filters for providing the maximum sound clarity.
  • Privacy buffer for blocking third party overhearing.
  • Diphone embedded technology facilitate responding and unlocking the building entrance from any telephone device.
  • The possibility of connecting an answering machine to Diphone system to taking the voice messages of the visitors.
  • The device can be provided with a high resolution video camera.
  • Resistant Metal Keypad for long duration.
  • Numerical LED Screen.

Additional Features:

  • The device have a Tow years active warranty.
  • Available in various inputs starts from 4 up to 264 lines.
  • The possibility of installing many interphone device within the same building ( Carage , Main entrance ... etc.)
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