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How I can make network search ?


Open the menu on the Installation tab.

Select NIT search than :

1. Press Ok to enter the satellite search. 2. Press Ok to deploy the satellite list. Select the satellite you want to scan with pressing ▲▼, the satellite will be marked with the symbol “ √ ”. You can also press ◄► to select the satellite.

3. Select TP by pressing ◄► ,or modify TP frequency. Symbol Rate and polarity you want. 4.Select the desired mode for searching and then press Ok to start search channel automatically.

5. You can also enter the Edit satellite to reset current satellite and enter add TP to add new TP or enter Delete TP from the satellite to Delete TP.


How I can add TP ?


After open the NIT search select Add TP

Now fill your new TP information such (Frequency, Symbol Rate, polarity)
Press OK to start scan.
Select save by pressing ◄► to save the changes you made .

Press Exit to exit this menu .


How I can add new satellite ?


Open the menu on the Installation tab

Select Add satellite than:

(1). Satellite: press Ok to enter the submenu, and rename the name of new satellite.

(2). LNB Type: select proper LNB type using the arrow keys according to your physical LNB type.


(3).LNB Freq (1.2): enter the proper LNB frequency referring to your LNB using the numeric keys on the RCU.


(4).LNB power: select the desired option. If your STB is connected to another receiver through LOOP THROUGH support, you should check which receiver is connected directly to the LNB. In case the other receiver is directly connected to the LNB, then select OFF.


(5). 22K: 22KHz control is automatically set for each LNB alternative. If ”universal” is selected, 22 KHz control should be “off state”.


(6). DiSEqC: select the port number to get the RF signal from the LNB, which is connected, to DiSEqC switching box.

Press exit to exit this menu.



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